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We have been working alongside companies in the tourism sector for 20 years

This Is How We Started


Our company is born


The first console goes online

for sending newsletters and @ symail


The e @ symail console is updated and changes graphics becoming PRO


The brand is born


Tourism becomes

SMALL Edition


18 years of studies, analysis and development of email marketing combined with a deep knowledge of the tourism sector have helped to create a professional platform that is simple to use and extremely performing in terms of deliverability.

A platform that over the years has evolved in step with new technologies, with new forms of communication and above all with digital marketing.

All this has allowed us to reach the final goal of offering a complete, reliable, simple and fully integrated communication platform with the most advanced management systems in the tourism sector.

Together with the technical development of MailTurismo we have focused on the construction and profiling of sectoral databases that we can offer to our customers.

We continue to spend resources, time and money on the acquisition of sectorial contacts for the world of tourism, both nationally and internationally, which are in compliance with the GDPR, and which can be used without incurring privacy problems.

Our databases allow our customers to broaden their user base, communicate with the right companies and grow their business.

There are several performing email marketing platforms, but none of them provide their customers with databases to use for sending communications. Knowing tourism, in which we have been working for over twenty years, we know that the difficulty of finding data is one of the biggest problems in the sector and that is why our customers have one less difficulty to face in their work.

la scrittura sul computer

Our numbers




Active Customers


Integrable platforms


Millions of emails sent in

1 years

What are you waiting for? It costs nothing to try.

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