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One platform, endless applications.

Discover some of the main features of MailTurismo and improve your communication flows to the world of tourism and your direct customers.

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Certified delivery to eliminate spam

With MailTurismo you fully maximize the performance of your campaigns, in terms of delivery rate and return on investment.

A poor delivery rate equates to fewer conversion opportunities and, consequently, lower revenues. 

Reputation and deliverability are the keys for your success and 

MailTurismo works daily to maintain  high standards by working on algorithms, certifications, IP and tracking of mailings.

Everything you need

Marketing Automation help you to increase your communication.
You can create different communication paths for all your customers and for all their purchasing needs. 
You can follow their activities on your site and you can send the right content to increase your sales and turn leads into customers!  Save time and manage at best your contacts. 

Database and statistics 

Speed up team work and always keep track of message feedback, any pre-dispatch issues and campaign performance reports. 

Your business can't waste time and energy in creating email campaigns that don't reach recipients' inboxes. 

MailTurismo continuously invests in the research, acquisition and profiling of new databases because greater deliverability = greater ROI.

250,000 Companies at your complete disposal for your campaigns and clear statistics to really monitor all the recipients of your campaigns and promotions.

Web, social and API forms available.

We can integrate your system into MailTurismo. With the API library we give you a lot of possibilities to connect and synchronize your platform external database, CRM, e-commerce etc..
You can create Form Subscrition to increase your contacts and Landing page to improve your promotions and to profile your contacts.

MailTurismo platform is GDPR compliant.

Download the complete presentation in .Pdf format of MailTurismo

Ready to Kickstart Your Journey?

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