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and increase your contacts!

Discover our databases GDPR compliant and ready to be used.

MailTurismo databases are monitored and updated weekly.

Italian Travel Agencies

Italian Travel Agencies and Travel Consultants selectable segmentable by region, city or province.

Italian Schools

Public  and private schools segmentable  by type, address, location and region.

International Travel Agencies

International Travel agencies and international Tour Operators segmentable by country, city, and province.

Sports Associations Italy

Italian sports associations and clubs segmentable by type, location and region.

Hotel - Camping & Village

Italian hotels, villages and campings segmentable by category, location and region.

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Italian Associations and Cral

Italian associations and federations with and without profit.


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Consult the rental rates
MailTurismo database

The cost of renting the MailTurismo database can be added to the mailing plan chosen during the activation phase. You can choose an annual or monthly plan and associate the database of your interest. The rental is linked to the expiry of the sending plan and cannot continue beyond this deadline. All data is owned by MailTurismo and cannot be extrapolated for own uses.

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